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Lavish Fusion Bakery Victoria Street Penang

Welcome to Lavish Fusion Bakery! Ops, shall we call it Restaurant? Dessert House? Well, it actually from the famous Love A Loaf Bakery and now expand into serving hot food, dessert…etc. Well, i would call it a full blown restaurant to be exact. The restaurant well situated at Victoria Street which is tourist hot spot as well as local favorite location, although parking might be challenge but if you are on luck, road side parking just few step away from the restaurant.

Nicely decorated plant wall are one of the most Insta photo, it look extremely green especially with the glass roof that allow great sunlight into the restaurant with huge “Lavish” on it.

I love how dessert presented behind the glass counter, it look extremely delicious! Can i have all?

Introducing the newly launch product Lava Cube and Ice Cream Crossaint. Surprises, Surprise, we are surprise by it taste. Well, more photo and description follow up.

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Best Cake at China House Penang

China House famous for their signature cake”S”, I mean a lot of cake. No doubt that it is one of the best cake shop in Penang and we had the impression that China House only served cake with drink but we are completely wrong, they do have awesome menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

Although the outlook of the shop look small but inside is actually very long with 3 connected area, right after the entrance is drinks counter with a couple of table and one table fill up with cakes, further down the hall is another seating area with book and some antique, follow through is an outdoor decoration pool and last area is a wine bar.

We had Lychee Cucumber Soda RM12.80 and Hot Latte RM12.80. Lychee Cucumber Soda are extremely refreshing especially on hot day, cucumber green and fresh taste mix extremely well with lychee and soda, it taste very good.

Ministrone & Chickpea Soup of quinoa, leek, fennel, pumpkin & beans with Chimichurri Pesto and Cheesy Focaccia RM20. We are impress with the rich flavor of soup, taste sourish and add on with the cheese slice provided making it taste even better. Cheesy Focaccia are really impressive, crunchy with strong butter fragrance.

Pizza of the Day RM29, crispy tortilla topped with chicken pepperoni, pineapple, capsicum and cheese. Tortilla are healthier compare to pizza dough and with it thickness, it is much more crispy as well. Topping with simple ingredients is good enough to make a good pizza, saltiness of chicken pepperoni and cheese mix with sweet pineapple is just awesome.

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Golden Sand Resort Penang Buffet Dinner

Golden Sand Resort Penang offering Around The World Theme Dinner Buffet starting from now. RM98nett for adult and Kids eat for Free. We visited on Thursday and the food offering are Asian, Western, Italian and Middle-Eastern, the highlight of the buffet still Seafood On Ice which has whole lot of fresh seafood variety.

Various buffet offer on different day and here is the quick summary of each.

International Buffet Dinner
Every Monday and Tuesday, 6pm – 10pm
RM88 nett per adult

Oodles of Noodles Buffet Dinner
Every Wednesday, 6pm-10pm
RM88 nett per adult

Around The World Buffet Dinner
Every Thursday, 6pm-10pm
RM98 nett per adult

From The Ocean Buffet Dinner
Every Saturday, 6pm-10pm
RM128 nett per adult

Splash Sunday
Every Sunday, 12pm-3pm
RM69 nett per adult (Food only)
RM89 nett (Food and use of swimming pool)
40% discount for senior citizens
Top up RM20 nett for entrance to Adventure Zone

Salad and Cheese counter, on top of typical fresh vegetable with various dressing, included more than 10 different type of chef special crafted salad with different ingredients to satisfied your taste bud.

Coffee and Tea Bag are provided as well, double shot of espresso with a big scoop of ice cream is our favorite.

Kids Corner fill with kids friendly food such as sausage, fried, chicken finger, spaghetti, jelly, cake and fresh fruits. On top of that kids dining utensils are available as well. Continue reading Golden Sand Resort Penang Buffet Dinner

Private Ramadhan Buffet 2016 at Hotel Equatorial Penang

Have you ever consider to have a private Ramadhan event at Hotel? Completely private! It can be interesting if you have a group of friends or colleague, you can now enjoy a private room buffet at Hotel Equatorial Penang for just RM85 or RM70 nett per person with minimum of 50 person. Three different menu available for RM85 (early bird, normal price RM100) while two different menu for RM70 (early bird, normal price RM80). Here we review on RM85 menu A. Each package include Raya Theme decoration in private room and 10 complimentary car park slots. Other than that, if you plan to have private function at home aka catering, RM560 nett for 10-12person portion are available as well, free delivering within Penang Island with minimum of 2 sets.
eqramad (18)

Let get started with Salad Bar that has cucumber, tomato, carrot, lettuce, sweet corn, cabbage, capsicum…etc came with assorted dressing.
eqramad (1)

eqramad (4)

Moving to appetizer bar, there is assorted kerabu, ikan masin, telur masin, ulam…etc. Assorted keropok are included as well, great for kids. I like those kerabu as it is very appetizing, sour and spicy. I like Ikan Masin but it is a little bit too big and without porridge I just can’t find a way to eat it, what a waste. Initially I though only 1 type of Ikan Masin and the rest is deep fried fish but who know there is 3 different type of Ikan Masin. Haha! Continue reading Private Ramadhan Buffet 2016 at Hotel Equatorial Penang

Real Food Organic Food Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Restaurant is strategically located at the center of Strait Quay, coming in from the main entrance you can see the restaurant on your right side. Real Food Restaurant operate by local people who has strong passion on organic food, almost everything served here are organic and the best part are they do really visit those organic farmer to ensure their source are really organic. Instead of import ingredients from other country most of the ingredients are source locally within Penang itself. Farmer ship their fresh organic vegetable to restaurant daily to ensure freshness.
Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

You can get organic ingredients such as mushroom, bean, rice, sauce…etc in Real Food Restaurant. They do produce detergent from their food waste and sell it to public as well, extremely good for the environment.
Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Eco Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent.
Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Nutmeg Jam
Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Grow your own mushroom.
Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Apple Beetroot Spinach RM17, a mixture of apple, beetroot and spinach extract by slow juicers which retain the most nutrients and enzymes as it not expose to heat that speed up oxidation.
Apple Beetroot Spinach

Dehydrated Fruit Chips RM26.50/80gms, a special dehydrated machine was use to create this special dry fruits. Most of the market dry fruits are coated with a layer of sugar or salt but here they make it in house without any additional flavor or preservative so it taste completely different, we can taste the original flavor and sweetness on each type of fruits served.
Dehydrated Fruit Chips

Sonnentor Stress Free RM12, is a type of organic tea that has lavender and chrysanthemum in it. It has mild taste with smooth texture, very light drinks that goes well with any type of foods.
Sonnentor Stress Free

Balsamic Beancurd RM15, deep fried mix together with cucumber, cherry tomato and onion season with balsamic vinegar that make it one of the most refreshing dish. Balsamic vinegar are healthy and flavorful which are one of the best dressing.
Balsamic Beancurd

Steamed Dumplings RM19/8pcs, freshly prepare dumpling nicely wrap with assorted fresh vegetable that gave crunchy and flavorful taste, dipping with vinegar making it taste even better.
Steamed Dumpings

readfood3 (47)

Zesty Quinoa Salad RM30, this is the first time we try Quinoa and we all agree that the texture is very special, it has a little bit chewy texture but yet it can be easily bite off and every spoonful of it came with rich amount of protein and dietary fiber which are extremely good for health. Other than Quinoa, avocado and cheery tomato are added as well.
Zesty Quinoa Salad

Zesty Quinoa Salad

Organic Pizza RM29, please be patient and wait for your pizza to get ready as they will prepare it from scratch that required at least 15minutes. We choose to have Tomato Sauce as based and topping are fill with various fresh vegetable and mushroom. Did i mention organic cheese? Yes, they use organic cheese instead of typical cheese that you can get at market, pizza crust are nicely done to crispy texture while the mix and match of assorted vegetable and mushroom are surprisingly balanced in flavor. Well Done!
Organic Pizza

Organic Pizza

Portobello with Lemon Garlic Sauce RM28, deep fried Portobello mushroom served with tomato, onion, carrot and long bean. Lemon sauce are added to create an acidity taste to the crispy yet juicy Portobello mushroom.
Portobello with Lemon Garlic Sauce

Portobello with Lemon Garlic Sauce

Pesto Sandwich RM27, I would call this Green Sandwich. Toasted hot bun fill with Pesto sauce and slices of Japanese cucumber that is rich in flavor and crunchy in texture, served together with sweet potato that taste like eating honey.
Pesto Sandwich

Pesto Sandwich

Original Banana Pancakes RM20, since the dessert are made from scratch which mean we need to be patience and wait for it but it doesn’t took long as we are really enjoy sitting at the comfortable seat and chit chat non stop. OMG why the pancake look so different, why it so thick? Well, this is one of their signature dessert and the thickness is what make it special and delicious, it is extremely fluffy and well balanced in flavor.
Original Banana Pancakes

Healthy by Chocolate RM14, nicely presented cake that has extremely strong pure chocolate fragrance, it taste just nice which are not too sweet instead it has a little bit of bitter taste that make it taste good.
Vegan Ice Cream

Vegan Ice Cream RM13.80/Scoop, RM26.80/double Scoops, have you heard of ice cream without egg or milk? No? Then you have to try the Vegan Ice Cream in Real Food, their ice cream are made from coconut oil, brown rice milk, sugar cane…etc. It make the Chocolate ice cream came with a hint of coconut fragrance, very special taste.
Healthy by Chocolate

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Real Food
A-G-13D Block A, Ground floor Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang 10470 Tanjong Tokong, Penang.
04-890 8295
10AM – 10PM
Operation Hour:

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