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Lavish Fusion Bakery Victoria Street Penang

Welcome to Lavish Fusion Bakery! Ops, shall we call it Restaurant? Dessert House? Well, it actually from the famous Love A Loaf Bakery and now expand into serving hot food, dessert…etc. Well, i would call it a full blown restaurant to be exact. The restaurant well situated at Victoria Street which is tourist hot spot as well as local favorite location, although parking might be challenge but if you are on luck, road side parking just few step away from the restaurant.

Nicely decorated plant wall are one of the most Insta photo, it look extremely green especially with the glass roof that allow great sunlight into the restaurant with huge “Lavish” on it.

I love how dessert presented behind the glass counter, it look extremely delicious! Can i have all?

Introducing the newly launch product Lava Cube and Ice Cream Crossaint. Surprises, Surprise, we are surprise by it taste. Well, more photo and description follow up.

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Best Cake at China House Penang

China House famous for their signature cake”S”, I mean a lot of cake. No doubt that it is one of the best cake shop in Penang and we had the impression that China House only served cake with drink but we are completely wrong, they do have awesome menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

Although the outlook of the shop look small but inside is actually very long with 3 connected area, right after the entrance is drinks counter with a couple of table and one table fill up with cakes, further down the hall is another seating area with book and some antique, follow through is an outdoor decoration pool and last area is a wine bar.

We had Lychee Cucumber Soda RM12.80 and Hot Latte RM12.80. Lychee Cucumber Soda are extremely refreshing especially on hot day, cucumber green and fresh taste mix extremely well with lychee and soda, it taste very good.

Ministrone & Chickpea Soup of quinoa, leek, fennel, pumpkin & beans with Chimichurri Pesto and Cheesy Focaccia RM20. We are impress with the rich flavor of soup, taste sourish and add on with the cheese slice provided making it taste even better. Cheesy Focaccia are really impressive, crunchy with strong butter fragrance.

Pizza of the Day RM29, crispy tortilla topped with chicken pepperoni, pineapple, capsicum and cheese. Tortilla are healthier compare to pizza dough and with it thickness, it is much more crispy as well. Topping with simple ingredients is good enough to make a good pizza, saltiness of chicken pepperoni and cheese mix with sweet pineapple is just awesome.

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Miam Miam Penang Gurney Paragon

Miam Miam is one of our favorite restaurant for spaghetti and dessert, whenever people asking where to go for good spaghetti we will for sure ask them to visit Miam Miam. By the way, even though we have so many delicious food in this review but we still come back the next day with family member for another of dessert. It just taste so good and my sister so happy.
Miam Miam Gurney Paragon

Miam Miam has remove the center decoration to make it wide open and served more table, it has become brigher as well.
Miam Miam Gurney Paragon

Miam Miam Gurney Paragon

Fresh Fruit Tea Hot RM15 is good enough for sharing, mixture of mint leave, orange and strawberry with english tea, another important item is plum. All combine to create a very unique taste, sweet and sour.
Fresh Fruit Tea Hot

Limette Noir RM13, a combination of lime soda with gula melaka which create a sour and sweet drinks.
Limette Noir

Iced Matcha Latte with Matcha Softee RM18 and Iced Matcha Tea with Softee RM15, signature drink that should not be miss.
Iced Matcha Tea with Softee

Lobster Bisque RM16, very strong flavor soup that rice in flavor.
Lobster Bisque

French Country Style Chicken Soup RM15, Chicken Broth, Chicken Breast, Black Pepper and Herbs for this bowl of clear soup. It indeed very flavorful. Continue reading Miam Miam Penang Gurney Paragon

The BAR°N at Gurney Plaza Penang

The BAR°N first outlet outside of KL are now opening at Gurney Plaza Penang, the bar and restaurant serving not only great variety of food with local influence dishes but also wide range of wine and other alcoholic drinks. The BAR°N occupying the shop lot which previously run by Chicago Ribs House, now it has a brand new renovation that demonstrated simple and relax environment. Outdoor seating are available along with other restaurant on gurney walkway between gurney plaza and gurney hotel, we prefer to sit inside with air-conditional and comfortable chair. One side of the wall are fill with wine collection, to those wine lover this must be heaven.
The Barn Gurney

The Barn Gurney

The BAR°N menu consist of only two pages but it pack a punch of food, it has pretty much everything about Western/Italian food and next page are full with alcoholic drink Cocktail, Beer, Wine and Mocktails.
The Barn Gurney

Bora-Bora Brew RM16
thebarnd (20)

Alto Los Romeros Carmenere 2015 Red Wine
Red Wine

Sixty Drops Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
White Wine

Classic Margarita RM34
thebarnd (34)

Cosmopolitan RM29
thebarnd (42)

Bora-Bora Brew RM16
thebarnd (50)

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RM14++ Only Semi Buffet at Saffron Restaurant Prangin Mall

Saffron restaurant located at basement of Prangin Mall, same floor with Chateau 33, Imperial Chinese Cuisine and Pizzaiola. We have previously visited Saffron during 2015 Valentine and have really good impression with their food, service and environment. Although we don’t get much choices during Valentine Day but we are happy with the food served and price tag. Saffron Restaurant are now serving Semi Buffet with any main dish order and the good news is……main dish starting from RM14 ONLY.

We are greeted by big handsome gentleman…..Transformer (made in Saffon?…LOL).
Saffron Restaurant Prangin Mall

Step into the restaurant make me feel comfortable with proper lighting and nice decoration, semi buffet item are placed near to entrance with coffee and dessert counter, great coffee aroma surrounding the restaurant making fresh feeling.
Saffron Restaurant Prangin Mall

Saffron Restaurant Prangin Mall

Saffron Restaurant Prangin Mall

Saffron Restaurant Prangin Mall

Hey Teddy, why are you siting there? Are you scare of Autobot outside? Lovely bear….definitely will attract a lot selfie from girl.
saffront2 (87)

saffront2 (92)

Semi Buffet only available for dinner 6pm – 9.30pm. You just need to order one main dish/paste starting from RM14 to enjoy semi buffet, included in semi buffet are soup, salad, fruits and dessert. Unlimited supply and refill promptly!
Saffron Restaurant Prangin Mall

We thought it going to be simple dessert but we are wrong, they have complete dessert line with so many choices.
Assorted Dessert

Chocolate Swiss Roll
saffront2 (1)

Bread Pudding
Bread Cake

Assorted Dessert

Fresh Salad

Two type of salad dressing
Salad Dressing

Fresh fruits of the day are honey dew and watermelon.
Fresh Fruits

Soup of the day “Broccoli Soup”.

Let do something different today, eat dessert before main dish. It is so attractive that we can’t stop our self from starting with dessert, we are impress by the variety and quality of dessert.
Assorted Dessert

Salad came with egg and assorted fresh vegetable.

Broccoli soup taste a little bit sauteed and sweet.

Fresh fruits. Enough? Yes, that is what you get from Semi Buffet, dessert, fruit and soup that can fill your stomach even before main dish served.
Fresh Fruits

We have blog about 1st Avenue Cafe & Bakery Fair last month and talk about Saffron coffee, we all know that Saffron serve great coffee and for sure we need a few more coffee this round. We order Piccolo Latte and Cafe Latte, really enjoy the great flavor.
Piccolo Latte RM8
Piccolo Latte

Cafe Latte RM9, Hot Chocolate RM9
Cafe Latte and Hot Chocolate

Grilled Platter RM24 consist of Potato, Squid, Prawn, Nachos and Chicken Wings. Nice food presentation with the use of pizza board, it make the food look so appetizing. Squid and Prawn are nicely deep fried to crispy texture and chicken wing are nicely marinated to flavor.
Grilled Platter

Seafood Pesto Pasta RM20, with the option of Linguine, Penne or Spaghetti cook with Pesto sauce together with Prawn, Muscle and Squid. Pesto sauce consist of garlic, basil, olive oil, parmesan cheese and fiore sardo, it has very strong basil taste with a little bit milky flavor in it.
Seafood Pesto Pasta

Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta RM20, we decided to pair seafood Aglio Olio with Linguine as the thin Linguine able to stick olive oil, garlic and chili flake better to create a good flavor pasta.
Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta

BBQ Chicken RM19, nicely marinated chicken drum stick grill to crispy skin and served with a bucket of fries and stir fried vegetable with mushroom. Chicken is flavorful especially taking with crispy skin which has sauteed taste and together with BBQ sauce it taste even better.
BBQ Chicken

Norway Salmon RM29, pan grilled Salmon served with creamy butter sauce on top, together with stir fried vegetable and mash potato. Personally I feel the salmon to be a little bit small, instead of cutting into two pieces I would prefer it to be one big slice to better contain the moist in Salmon meat.
Norway Salmon

Saffron Creamy Fillet RM29, pan fried fish fillet served with sweet and sour sauce and served with mash potato and stir fried vegetable.
Saffron Creamy Fillet

Rib Eye Steak RM42, two slice of steak pan fried and top with special black sauce, served with stir fried vegetable. Steak is slightly overcook to dry texture but the sauce taste pretty good.
Rib Eye Steak

Rib Eye Steak

Lamb Shank RM29, big chunks of Lamb Shank served with asparagus and stir fried vegetable. I really can’t believe such big portion of Lamb Shank only cost RM29, it must be the best value item in the menu. Lamb Shank is nicely braised for long hour to create the soft texture and flavorful meat.
Lamb Shank

Overall we are very impress with the dishes served in Saffron, good value semi buffet that can easily fill up your stomach.
Saffron Restaurant Prangin Mall

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Lot 33-SB-01, Prangin Mall, Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong, 10100, Georgetown, Penang.
11am – 10pm Daily

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