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Jia Siang Cafe Pulau Betong Seafood Restaurant

Pulau Betong is a small fisherman village located at Balik Pulau area, recently we heard from a relative there is a seafood restaurant selling fresh seafood and taste very good. After some searching on Internet i found the restaurant name Jia Siang Cafe. It is not too far from Air Itam, with smooth traffic we can reach around 40 minutes, navigate with GPS make life easy.
Pulau Betong Fish Market

Jia Siang Cafe

We reach around 1pm and the whole restaurant is fully occupied, waited for 5 minute and we are so lucky to secure a table. The restaurant is pretty small and only have around 15 tables, they can’t put more table as only 2 chef available and food serving is extremely slow. we waited for 1 hour to get our drink and another 45 minutes for our food to served.
Jia Siang Cafe

Fish market behind restaurant have fresh seafood for sell and you can buy here and send to restaurant for cooking. There is 5 stall that selling seafood.
Pulau Betong Fish Market

This shop seem to be having the most variety of seafood.
Pulau Betong Fish Market

Assorted seafood avaialble, according to my mum price are not really cheap but reasonable, the big different is the freshness. We bought lala, prawn and fish.
Pulau Betong Fish Market

Pulau Betong Fish Market

Pulau Betong Fish Market

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Bukit Genting Thai Food

Bukit Genting Thai Food is not only famous for it Thai food instead it already become one of the tourist attraction in Penang, it is high above sea level and from there you can have a great view of Penang.
It got big parking space in front of the restaurant and big compound for various decoration.
Bukit Genting Thai Food

Driving up the hill is a challenge and advisable to drive bigger cc car, 4×4 is recommended. Beside the narrow road is durian farm, if you are lucky you may pickup one or two from road side but please make sure there is no dog or owner around else you will be caught. Just kidding, it private farm and you should not pick up even it at road side as those are for sale.
Bukit Genting Thai Food
Bukit Genting Thai Food

You will be caught if steal, so buy instead of steal as the price is pretty cheap there.
Bukit Genting Thai Food

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Balik Pulau Kim Laksa

Laksa is one of the well known Penang Food, every visitor come to Penang must not miss out this dish.
Has not visit to Balik Pulau for very long time, miss the Laksa and decided to drive all the way just to recap my memory.
Was shocked when I saw the old market has been left abandoned and Laksa stall is no longer there, quite disappointed and sad but luckily kopitiam beside got another (or same?) Laksa stall.
I not sure whether this tall is the old memory Laksa or different stall but since we are here already so might as well give it a try.

Kim Laksa located in small kopitiam name Nan Guang, opposite there is another Laksa stall but seem to be no people so we just ignore it.
RM2.50 for a bowl of Laksa, it was pretty cheap. We tried Asam Laksa, according to some review Siam Laksa is actually quite tasty as well, will try it out on next visit.

Rice noodle in a thick sour soup, included cucumber, pineapple, mint leaves, onions and most important ginger torch flower with some Shrimp paste(Hae Ko).
Sour soup is delicious with slightly spicy taste and Hae Ko further enhance it flavor. Yummy.

Remember not to miss the Nutmeg Drink with Plum, it was once of the local delicacy.

Balik Pulau Kim Laksa
12:30pm – 3:30pm (Close on Wednesday)
N5 21.117 E100 14.143

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Gertak Sanggul Fishing Stage Seafood Restaurant Teluk Kumbar Penang

I read some good review about this restaurant Gertak Sanggul Fishing Stage in forum and feel like giving it a visit.

It was quite far away, which located further up from Air Port. Before the restaurant you will pass by Hao You Teluk Kumbar Seafood Restaurant which I going to share soon.

Narrow road and it was quite dangerous I would say it as not much car pass by.

Try to be at the shop sharp 6PM so that you can finish earlier and get back early to avoid driving in the dark especially girl who drive alone.

Gertak Sanggul Fishing Stage as the name said, it was a fishing pond with certain fees you can bring your own rod for fishing.

Found this under table, as expected you going to be dinner for mosquito. Actually it was not so bad.

We reach around 7PM and it was full house, total around 10 tables

Drink we ordered, YiBi and GengGeng.

My parent order a bowl of tea.

After drink served, it was a long long long wait. We are waiting for around 1 hour for the first dish to be served.
Better get yourself some snack before going as they really cook very slow.

Start to venture around the fishing pond.
Nice view where you just sit beside the fishing pond to enjoy your dinner.

One of the small pond which is not for fishing for sure. A lot of fishes

Close up, suppose to be “Fei Zou Yu(非洲鱼)”.

Rest area for “fishing-man”.

Nice spot for photography, coconut tree, pond, reflection…..wuuu!

Finally, our first dish served. It was “Sizzling Prawn(铁板虾)”. RM20
Very good, and the amount of prawn is way out of our expectation, at least 15 but the size is a bit small.

Rate: *** *** ** /10

Next is “Ma La clay pot Chicken (麻辣沙褒鸡)” RM10, suppose to be very spicy according to it name, but it actually not spicy at all and all chicken meat use is either drumstick or thigh.
Very tender and soft, not spicy instead salty and just nice.

Rate: *** *** */10

“Steamed Red Snapper Thai Source” RM28, the source is actually very good. Sour and very good to eat with rice but the fish meat is not nice.
It will be good if we take “Piak Kia”

Rate: *** */10

Vege for healthy life “Kai Lan Cha Chap”RM8. Cook just nice.

Last dish serve, “Salty Egg Crab”RM36. A lot people recommended this dish, I would say it a right choice to order this.
The crab is SUPER fresh, and the salty egg make the crab even flavor and tasty. We order 2.

Rate: *** *** ***/10

Overall satisfied with the foods except the fish. The price is quite reasonable.

Reminder, drive safely and try to be there at 6PM to avoid driving back in the dark.

Gertak Sanggul Fishing Stage
N5 16.968 E100 11.478
6PM – 12PM

Gertak Sanggul Fishing Stage Durian

Bought 3 small durian at the same shop where we having our dinner at Gertak Sanggul Fishing Stage.

According to seller, all his durian is just from the farm behind the shop, which prove that all Durian is very fresh.

Very famous Ho Loh, one of the award winner.

Orange color Durian is the best, very creamy.

RM13 for this Durian.
Rate: *** *** **/10

Infamous brand “Gold Thorn (金刺)”, which I never heard of it before. Give a try and it was a surprise.
It is very creamy and bitter which just right for me as I favor bitter Durian. Bought two of this.

Look at the Durian, it was very orange in color.

RM12 for 2, which is quite cheap.
Rate: *** *** **/10

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Gertak Sanggul Fishing Stage
N5 16.968 E100 11.478
6PM – 12PM

How To Choose DURIAN
Every year, with the coming of the durian season, the air is filled with a heavy ‘odoromatous’ presence, a kind of incense heralding the arrival of the king of fruits; and the streets are lined with hastily composed pyramidal piles and altars for the King of fruits – the durian.
And every year we are confronted again by the same eternal question of how to choose a good durian.
The first step in choosing a good durian is to grasp the durian that takes your fancy by its stalk and hold it in front of your eyes for close scrutiny. It is advisable while doing this to stand with your legs apart or “kang-kang” as the durian and its stalk may decide, at this very moment, to part company, with disastrous consequences to your foot. If you do not wish to stand in this manner then I would advise you to have safety boots on.
An age old adage says that you cannot judge a book by its cover. But some ‘so-called’ durian experts claim that they can judge a durian by its thorns, although others say this is nonsense. So why must you look at a durian if you cannot judge a durian by its thorns. It is to look for holes or ‘lubangs’.
Durian holes generally fall into four categories:
1. Squirrel holes — Durians with squirrel holes are generally ripe and quite tasty as the squirrel who has been at it would gladly testify. However, these durians are considered ‘second paw’ (second hand) and being minus a few seeds should be purchased only after a generous discount.
2. Worm holes — Durians with worm holes have worms and other creepy crawlies in them and should be rejected unless, of course, you are one of those lovers of Swiss Cheese.
3. Man-made holes — These are small triangular openings cut into the durian so that the customer could have a sneak preview of the fleshy quality of the durian. Obviously if the durian is still there, it has been rejected. Would you take someone’s reject?
4. Open backside type — Durians with their bottoms with are gaping or beginning to gape have seen better days – 2 or 3 to be precise – where they have been paraded, manhandled and put back on the shelf, rejected by all and sundry. Leave them in place.
Now, having given the durian the visual test, you can now proceed to the next important step. Take the durian into your hands, with your fingers gripping the spaces between thorns, approximate it next to your ear at the side of your head and shake the fruit. Listen for movement.
Pardon my disgression. Now why shake the durian, you ask. Good question! Remember the other old adage – ’empty vessels make the most noise’. This holds true for the durian. If you hear vigorous hollow movements of seeds when you shake the durian – the fruit is all seed and no flesh – reject it. If there is no movement at all on shaking, and the durian feels heavy for its size, the fruit is unripe or if ripe, waterlogged. Reject also. If you detect some faint movement and the fruit feels relatively light for its size – go on to the next step – the ultimate olfactory test.
For this step, hold the durian gently in your hands as you would your loved one and place in front of your nose and inhale deeply. If you find dirt, dust and dried leaves in your nostrils, stop at once, and send the durian back to the vendor for a thorough cleaning.
Having ensured that the durian is clean and that there is no impediment in your nasal passages repeat the inhalation process, with both thumbs and thenar eminence cupped to exclude any extraneous smell. If you detect an over rich, strong, fetid odour, it indicates that the durian is overripe. Reject, especially if the stalk looks somewhat dry.
If you detect no smell at all also reject as the fruit is unripe.
But if you detect a faint aroma of bitter sweet butter scotch and almonds with a bouquet of wild honey and a hint of smoked oak then you have hit the jackpot and found yourlself a durian with a thick, creamy, treacle like, bitter sweet tasting flesh for you to savour and enjoy.

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