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Golden Sand Resort Penang Buffet Dinner

Golden Sand Resort Penang offering Around The World Theme Dinner Buffet starting from now. RM98nett for adult and Kids eat for Free. We visited on Thursday and the food offering are Asian, Western, Italian and Middle-Eastern, the highlight of the buffet still Seafood On Ice which has whole lot of fresh seafood variety.

Various buffet offer on different day and here is the quick summary of each.

International Buffet Dinner
Every Monday and Tuesday, 6pm – 10pm
RM88 nett per adult

Oodles of Noodles Buffet Dinner
Every Wednesday, 6pm-10pm
RM88 nett per adult

Around The World Buffet Dinner
Every Thursday, 6pm-10pm
RM98 nett per adult

From The Ocean Buffet Dinner
Every Saturday, 6pm-10pm
RM128 nett per adult

Splash Sunday
Every Sunday, 12pm-3pm
RM69 nett per adult (Food only)
RM89 nett (Food and use of swimming pool)
40% discount for senior citizens
Top up RM20 nett for entrance to Adventure Zone

Salad and Cheese counter, on top of typical fresh vegetable with various dressing, included more than 10 different type of chef special crafted salad with different ingredients to satisfied your taste bud.

Coffee and Tea Bag are provided as well, double shot of espresso with a big scoop of ice cream is our favorite.

Kids Corner fill with kids friendly food such as sausage, fried, chicken finger, spaghetti, jelly, cake and fresh fruits. On top of that kids dining utensils are available as well. Continue reading Golden Sand Resort Penang Buffet Dinner

Gurney Paragon Food Court Just Food

Gurney Paragon extend their food court to even bigger and more vendor, with that said, more food variety are now available at one of the best food court in Penang mall. Great variety of hawker food can be found here such as Laksa, Lobak, Chicken Rice…etc, other than that Korean Food, Japanese Food, Mediterranean Food, Chinese Food, Thai Food…etc all available here.
Gurney Paragon Food Court

Gurney Paragon Food Court

Gurney Paragon Food Court

Gurney Paragon Food Court

Appetizer such as Cup type Jiu Hu Char that has crispy cup that hold stir fried vegetable with dried squid, the cup itself is edible and it taste real good.
Cup Jiu Hu Char

Another appetizer is Popiah, deep fried to crispy skin and dipping with chili sauce is the best.

Roasted pork that is juicy with crispy skin, it has the right level of saltiness and best to eat together with Char Koay Teow.
Roasted Pork

Yummy Yummy Char Koay Teow, Penang signature hawker food that should not miss. Normally food court Char Koay Teow taste just normal but the one found here are pretty good, i won’t say the best but it is a decent one.
Char Koay Teow

If Char Koay Teow is not enough then get a bowl of Laksa, sour and spicy soup noodle is a must to try in Penang. It is very appetizing and delicious. Continue reading Gurney Paragon Food Court Just Food

Ramadhan 2016 Buffet at Eastern & Oriental Penang

When it come buffet Eastern & Oriental Hotel Sarkies always our first choice, during the Ramadhan Month 2016 buffet (6 June – 5th July 2016) price at RM133 nett for adult and RM60.95 nett for child. The buffet served with signature dishes such as roasted whole lamb, snow crab on ice and many other great dishes. As usual we are surprise by the great variety offer throughout the buffet line and during Ramadhan month they even extend the buffet to have more item such as traditional kuih, somtam, satay, grilled whole lamb, teh Tarik…etc. It is certainly interesting to dine in E&O buffet.

Deep Fried Popiah, Prawn and Yam Paste Wrap.
deep fried poh piah

deep fried fritter deep fried prawn

Countless main dish that include of Chicken, Squid, Fish, Beef, Vegetable…etc that served on hot dish counter.
curry chicken

curry nasi briyani

fried rice

herb chicken beef


steamed fish

curry prawn onion egg

enohotbuf (16)


white sauce brocolli

enohotbuf (37) chili fish

enohotbuf (40)

Start with fresh salad?

Assorted fresh salad condiment that can be add on.
assorted salad

Looking at the wide range of appetizer


Make it local by add in sambal instead of typical dressing, Thousand Island, Mayonnaise is boring. Sambal that is signature sauce that added to local salad which taste extremely spicy but trust me, it is very addictive.

If you are duck lover like I do then you must not miss the Roasted Duck, it is one of the best roasted duck I have among the many Hotel buffet I had, it is even comparable to road side hawker stall. Duck meat is perfectly marinated to flavor and roasted to flavor, meat is juicy and flavorful. If you are not into duck then try the roasted chicken or roasted beef.
roasted duck

roasted chicken

roasted beef

Assorted cracker available as well, use it to dip with curry is always the best.
enohotbuf (42)

If you are not into Ramadhan mood and looking for bread then this station won’t disappointed you with assorted bread.
assorted bread

Continue reading Ramadhan 2016 Buffet at Eastern & Oriental Penang

Seafood Master Restaurant

On our last visit to K-Pot Buffet we have notice Seafood Master Restaurant which just next to K-Pot Buffet and recently we saw they have a great deal at for just RM72, 7 course meal for 6 pax which is really cheap. Immediately we decided to give it a try. Parking available right in front of the restaurant or you can park behind the restaurant which has more parking space available.

Entrance from the back of the shop.
Seafood Master Restaurant

Peanut are provided but not included in the voucher but it just additional few ringgit each.

Deep Fried Whole “Kim Hong” Fish, perfectly deep fried fish that is extremely crispy and top with flavorful soy sauce making it taste good. One and a half fish are served to us which are pretty big in size.
Deep Fried Whole ‘ Kim Hong ‘ Fish

White Tomyam Seafood with assorted seafood included such as squid, prawn and fish meat. The soup itself is quite spicy but extremely appetizing, I love the strong flavor of white tomyam soup and myself has finish three bowl of it.
White Tomyam Seafood

Sweet and Sour Pork, perfectly deep fried pork meat which are extremely crunchy then top with sweet and sour sauce. It is one of the best dishes we all agree on.
Three Cups Chicken

Deep Fried Prawn top with Mayonnaise and nata de coco. Prawn coated with a layer of flour then deep fried to golden color and top with sweet mayonnaise, it is very crispy and flavorful.
Mantis Prawns fried with Butter and Salted Egg

Claypot Mix Vegetables with Japanese Tofu, big bowl of claypot vegetable and mushroom with whole lot of Japanese tofu in it.
Claypot Mix Vegetables

Stir Fried Vegetable with Fermented Bean curd.
Stir Fried Vegetable

Fresh fruits served to us are orange.
Fresh Orange

Great dinner and value for money, 5 of us really enjoy the dinner and it is extremely cheap, you can get the deal from for just RM72.
Seafood Master Dinner

The original price is RM173.25 but now you can get the deal at for just RM72, total of 52% discount.
ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 11 23.46

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2C, Seaview Park, Jalan Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang
11.30am – 2.30pm / 5.30pm – 10.00pm daily

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Eastin Hotel Penang Christmas and New Year Buffet

Merry Christmas! Christmas is just around the corner and some of my friends are asking me where to go for Christmas buffet. There is so many restaurant to choose from and today we going to share Eastin Hotel Penang Christmas and New Year Buffet. RM168 for Adult and RM80 nett for Children. First 80 persons to make reservation are entitle for 25% discount, same discount rate goes for Senior Citizen. Get your phone and call 04 6121128 for reservation now. You can enjoy Christmas and New year Buffet dinner until 1 January 2016.
Eastin Hotel Penang Christmas Buffet

Christmas celebration must have Turkey and you can find Authentic Roasted Turkey with Classic Ingredients and Condiments on the buffet line as well.
Eastin Hotel Penang Christmas Buffet

Nicely presented Hot Delicacies such as Chicken Roulade with Pomegranate Sauce, Spanish Butter Rice with Nut and Poached Seabass with Saffron Sauce.
Eastin Hotel Penang Christmas Buffet

While on the dessert counter there is Ginger Bread House, Christmas Fruits Cake with Icing, House Christmas Mousse, Christmas Log, Ginger Bread Fantasy and Cherry Truffle.
Eastin Hotel Penang Christmas Buffet

Eastin Hotel Penang Christmas Buffet

Love their Christmas presentation.
Eastin Hotel Penang Christmas Buffet

Started our buffet with Cold Delicacies such as Chicago Turkey Mixed Salad, Australia Potato Salad and Walnut Apple Salad.
Walnut Apple Salad

Chicago Turkey Mixed Salad

Thanks Chef, bigger piece please…one more…one more…! The turkey is so delicious, juicy and flavorful. Nicely marinated to flavor and the sweet and sauteed sauce goes well with it.
Roasted Turkey

Eastin Hotel Penang Christmas Buffet

Spanish Butter Rice with Nut, instead of local rice they use long grain rice which has slightly harder texture but it was nicely done to flavor and texture,
eastincbu (31)

Walnut Apple Salad, very appetizing salad which taste sweet and sourish from green apple while crunchy texture from walnut making it balanced in taste and texture.
Walnut Apple Salad

Chicken Roulade with Pomegranate Sauce, chicken drumpstick marinated with pomegranate sauce which taste sweet with a little bit sourish then grilled to perfection and top with additional pomegranate sauce.
Chicken Roulade with Pomegranate Sauce

Poached Seabass with Saffron Sauce, steamed thick cut seabass and top with saffron sauce. Personally i found the fish to have a little bit of fishy taste but the unique flavor of saffron sauce work the magic to make it taste good.
Poached Seabass with Saffron Sauce

Fresh Mushroom Cream Soup, assorted fresh mushroom being added to make a strong flavor mushroom soup.
Fresh Mushroom Cream Soup

My all time Christmas dessert are definitely the nicely decorated Christmas Log. It is always so cute and perfect for photo shooting. The cake is extremely fluffy and not too sweet.
House Christmas Mousse

House Christmas Mousse

eastincbu (21)

Assorted fresh fruits are available such as Papaya, Honeydew and Watermelon.
Fresh papaya

Fresh Watermelon


Merry Christmas!
Eastin Hotel Penang Christmas Buffet

Eastin Hotel Penang Christmas Buffet

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Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang
1 Solok Bayan Indah, Queensbay,, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
04 612 1128

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