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Swee Garden Chinese Restaurant in Nibong Tebal

It been quite sometime since our last visit to Swee Garden Nibong Tebal, it is one of the top restaurant we dine frequently during our stay at Nibong Tebal for 2 years times, the other restaurant Hua Ling Thai Food Restaurant also our favorite but seem to be close down also, we miss it tom yum soup so much. Ops…Another famous restaurant in Nibong Tebal Cheng Ho Seafood Porridge Restaurant, we heard it move to some where nearby and now in proper restaurant. Anyhow, back to Swee Garden.
Swee Garden Nibong Tebal

Boiled Octopus (Tu Bo Shui), quick boiled fresh octopus top with fried garlic best eat with the chili paste provided, it has some chewy texture but that the best part of boiled octopus.
Boiled Octopus

Dry Fried Prawn, prawn deep fried then stir fried with special chili paste, it taste sauteed with mild spiciness.
Dry Fried Prawn

Stir Fried Vegetable
Fried Vegetable

Ginger Fried Lala, extremely fresh lala that taste so sweet, it doesn’t need any other sauce as the lala itself already taste good.
Ginger Fried Lala

Ginger Fried Lala

Deep Fried Pork Knuckle, signature dish. It is still one of the best deep fried pork knuckle to me, the skin is extremely crispy, meat is so juicy, dipping with the sweet and sour sauce making it taste so good. Although some complain the fat is way too much but for us that is the best of the best, without those fat it wouldnt taste that good.
Deep Fried Pork Knuckle

The pork knuckle bone is so huge.
Deep Fried Pork Knuckle

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Swee Garden Seafood Restaurant
Jalan Punai, Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang
04-593 4768

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Victoria Crispy Chicken at Vol Dor Thursday Night Market

Every Thursday night Vol D’or will have night market that cover the whole street, selling cloth, shoes, food…etc, there is couple of hot stall that always crowded with people and one of our favorite is the Victoria Crispy Chicken.
Night market started around 6pm and big parking space available at SJK ©Kampung Val D’or.

Victoria Crispy Chicken RM4 for drumstick and RM1.60 for wing, we prefer drumstick because it has more meat compare to wing and the drumstick include of thigh.
Crispy Chicken Drumstick is boneless and marinated for long time before deep fried to golden color, on the spot deep fried to ensure it hot when served.


Cutting the hot crispy chicken, the taste has a little bit of turmeric flavor and it taste just good even without putting any sauce while the meat is tender soft.
Cutting to small pieces so that you can eat while walking around night market.

Normally drumstick cost RM5 or more but this only cost RM4 and it extremely delicious.

Victoria Crispy Chicken at Vol Dor Thursday Night Market
Near to SJK ©Kampung Val D’or
N5 14.434 E100 29.535
6PM Onward, Thursday ONLY

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Hua Ling Thai Food Restaurant Revisit

After last visit to Hua Ling Restaurant about month ago, I started to miss their Tom Yam Prawn again.
You may refer to our last visit review here

This round we order something different but Tom Yam still in our order list.
Kerabu Jelly

Hua Ling Restaurant.
Hua Ling Restaurant

Hua Ling Tofu RM6, as a signature dish it must be delicious to remain it reputation right?
Never regret to order this dish as it was very delicious, minced port meat on top of deep fried tofu with soy sauce.
A spoon of port meat and tofu with soy sauce is extremely delight taken together with rice.
Hua Ling ToFu

Tom Yam Prawn RM18, if you read our first review here you will know how delicious this hot and soup Tom Yam soup is.
Chef always helps to remove prawn shell and excellent control of cook time to ensure prawn remains fresh while tender.
Forgot to mention inside this Tom Yam soup got 8 big fresh prawns.
Tom Yam Prawn

Belacan KangKong RM6, belacan flavor is not strong enough but spicy level is just right.
Belacan KangKong

Kerabu Jelly Fish RM8, the jelly fish is a little bit hard and not really delicious.
Kerabu Jelly

One of my usual dinner restaurants in Nibong Tebal, recommended.

Restaurant Hua Ling
Jalan Sungai Bakap, Nibong Tebal, Penang
N5 10.443 E100 28.867
Closed on Wednesday, 6PM – 11PM

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Cheng Ho Seafood Porridge Revisit

We got a lot suggestion from our reader to try out Cheng Ho Tom Yam Noodle after they read our Cheng Ho Crab Porridge Review here , we listen to you and here is the review on Tom Yam Noodle and Clear Soup Noodle.
Tom Yam Noodle

On this visit we sit in the main shop lot, which is a little bit stuffy compare to our previous visit where we sit on next shop that doesn’t has cooking activity.
You can see the chief busy preparing our food, it took just around 10minute to serve our noodle, while waiting we saw some foreigner visit this shop, proven to be so delicious that attract crowd here.
Cheng Ho Seafood Restaurant

Clear Soup Prawn Porridge, the soup is sweet and believes to be using the same soup as the crab porridge, the prawn is a little bit small and not white prawn but it is fresh and tender.
Clear Soup Noodle

Tom Yam Noodle, it not really up to our expectation as the Tom Yam soup is not that spicy and sour instead it more to sweet taste. Same goes to the prawn which is not white prawn and size is small, it would be better if they serve big white prawn which always taste better.
Tom Yam Noodle

Cheng Ho still bests for it Crab Porridge but not the Tom Yam Noodle.

Cheng Ho Seafood Porridge
Jalan Baru, Nibong Tebal Penang
N5 09.952 E100 28.690
Closed on Wednesday
5.30pm onward

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Curry Mee 3405

Curry Mee 3405 is located in Nibong Tebal, serve during lunch time only. I like the Curry Mee so much and they did sell other mee like Hokkien Mee and Koay Teow Th’ng as well.
Curry Mee

Curry Mee 3405 located at resident area and inside a house, the stall doesn’t have a name and normally we just call it Curry Mee 3405, 3405 is the house number.
You may just park at road side or opposite, the shop is spaces and crowded during lunch time.
Nibong Tebal Curry Mee
Nibong Tebal Curry Mee

Cendol, you can opt for cup or bowl.

Curry Mee, spicy curry soup serves with dried tofu, cockle, fish cake, prawn, marinated pork, ham and vegetable.
Something special about this stall curry mee is that they marinated almost every ingredient and all those ingredient you can add extra.
Curry Mee

We add extra marinated curry squid, the squid is rich in flavor and extremely delicious. Same goes to the marinated prawn which is very tasty as well.
Curry Squid

Delicious Curry Mee when add extra squid and prawn.

Curry Mee 3405
Jalan Ooi Kar Seng, Nibong Tebal, Penang
N5 10.147 E100 28.471

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