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Mizi Bistro Western Food at New World Park Penang

Mizi Bistro located at New World Park Penang, the restaurant offer great western food with an affordable price. Whole lot parking space available, sitting inside the restaurant is comfortable but sitting outside is awful, extremely hot.

Set Meal for just RM25 which included a choice of soup and set meal with eat all you can ice cream and drink. But this does not apply to Chef Special or Meat or Smoked Salmon menu.

Bread and butter are complimentary.

London Mixed Grill RM38.90, Selection of beef tenderloin, lamb chop, chicken breast and sausage, served with mashed potato. Very well cooked on the meat especially rare beef tenderloin which taste so good and flavorful.
London Mixed Grill

Fish Cordon Blue RM17.50, Chicken ham and cheese, crumbed then deep fried golden with garlic butter
Fish Cordon Blue

Chicken Chop Hailam RM17, Topped with a “Colonial Style” sweet and sour sauce. Very crispy chicken
Chicken Chop Hailam

Chicken Mexicaine RM17, sauteed slices of chicken in a tomato pulp sauce, served with rice and vegetables.
Chicken Mexicaine

Seafood A La King RM18, A combination of fish, prawn, mussels, squid, mushroom slices and bell pepper. Cook in a light curry sauce.
Seafood A La King

Mushroom Soup, Chicken Soup and Onion Soup
Mushroom Soup Chicken Soup Onion Soup

Drink is included as well for the set menu.
mizibistnwps (16)

Eat all you can ice cream.
Ice Cream

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Mizi Bistro
102-D-6, New World Park, Jalan Burma, 10050 Penang
N 5 25.254 E100 19.603

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Lameizi Steamboat 辣妹子火锅 Nagore Road

Lameizi Steamboat 辣妹子is a steamboat restaurant located at Jalan Nagore and Krystal Point, what make them so special is the huge variety of soup base provided. We visit the one located at Jalan Nagore which has been in operation for quite some time but sadly now only we got the chance to visit. The restaurant has a open space dining table as well as private room and private room equip it dedicated wash room. Not only that, the restaurant operation hour is from 5pm until 5am, according to the owner, steamboat took long time to enjoy and lunch time is always rush hence he decided to only open from evening until morning.
LaMeiZi Steamboat Restaurant

Since we have quite a number of person hence we decided to try different soup, we ordered Sour Vegetable Fish Soup RM28, Duck Soup RM11.50, Tom Yam Soup RM10.50 and Mala Soup RM10.50.

First we had the Duck Soup (yellowish color) and Mala Soup.

I like the Duck Soup very much as it has the best flavor among the 4 soup we had, although they charge for soup but it really worth the value as there is huge chunk of duck meat in it.
Mala Soup is really awesome, it for those who like spicy. At first you won’t feel spicy but after a few sip then your mouth start to become numb and a few more sip you are addicted.
steamboat soup

duck soup

Sour Vegetable Fish Soup taste sour and spicy, whole lot of sour vegetable is added into the soup together with big pieces of fish.
Tom Yam Soup flavor is just right for steamboat which is not too spicy or sour and perfectly fine for steamboat where you still enjoy a few bowl of it.
steamboat soup

Lameizi homemade chili, it is very spicy but if you like dry chili then this definitely will be your favorite.
lameizi home made chili

Recommended by the boss to try their home made herbal drink, it cost RM3.50 each but after drink I feel it well worth the value. It has very strong aftertaste and best to drink it without ice.
lameizi herbal drink

Before we start with steamboat, we enjoy Deep Fried Mantis Prawn, Fish and Soft Shell Crab. It is perfectly deep fried to crunchy and golden color.
steamboat deep fried item

How do we start? There is over 100 ingredients to choose from the menu, prawn, fish, squid, cuttlefish, pork, mutton, chicken, beef, meat ball, beef ball, fish ball, tofu, sausage, egg, cabbage, lettuce, mushroom…etc. Too tired to list out all ingredients but what I know is what you can think of they are here. By the way, did I miss out noodle, bee hun, rice? Oh Yes, it is on the menu as well.
Lameizi steamboat

We try it potato noodle RM2.50, the noodle is make from potato with rice which taste springy even after long cook in the steamboat.
potato noodle

Here is what we had ordered below items and I listed the price which I can remember Pork Meat RM4.50, Mutton RM6, Scallop RM12, Prawn RM10, Sea Asparagus RM10, Pacific Clam RM10, Sea Cucumber RM15, Pig Kidney RM5.50, Pig Stomach RM4.50, Minced Pork Paste RM4.50, Beef Triple RM7, Pig Hamstray RM6, Golden Needle Mushroom RM4.

All seafood and protein that we had on table is all very fresh, I am curious to know how they keep so many type of ingredients fresh. If you like Shabu Shabu then you may come here to try it pork, mutton and beef slice which is thin cut and fresh.
steamboat ingredients

steamboat ingredients

steamboat ingredients

If you come in a group of 3 to 4 person you may choose the set which cost RM38. Opps, I should say if you are not big eater like us. LOL!

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Lameizi Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.
5, Jalan Nagore, Georgetown, 10050 Penang.
04-227 9969
5PM – 5AM
N5 25.300 E100 19.588

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Perfectly Grilled Salmon at Mizi Bistro

Time pass by so fast, our last visit to one of our favorite western food restaurant Mizi Bistro was 2010 and now 2012 already. Let get started the food sharing rather that buzzing nonsense.

As usual we go for the Set Meal which came with Drink, Soup, Main Course and Dessert Ice Cream.


Mushroom Soup and Drinks, mushroom soup still as good as before which has strong mushroom flavor and creamy soup.
Mushroom Soup and Drink

Loaf with Butter, the same comment that going to apply here again where the loaf is not heating up before served and it rather hard but good if you dip it into mushroom soup.
 Loaf with Butter
 Loaf with Butter

The Great Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon RM22.50, Crispy hearts of lettuce tossed with the classic creamy Caesar dressing with Norwegian smoked salmon.
I love this Caesar Salad so much simply because the fresh green vegetable is so fresh and crunchy while the Salmon is big pieces and fresh, additional cheese powder on top making it cheesy and salty taste.

Grilled Pepper Crusted Salmon RM35, served with whipped potato and creamy black pepper sauce.
I was surprise by the size of Salmon served, it is so generous. Salmon is greatly sear to ensure Salmon freshness retain in it and the creamy black pepper sauce has mild flavor which is good as it won’t override the Salmon.

Seared Norwegian Salmon RM35, lightly seared then baked in a crispy filo pastry with a grain mustard sauce.
It look like a big pieces of “something”, it look so secretive.

Crispy filo pastry is extremely crispy wrapped salmon and vegetable in it, huge amount of vegetable and big pieces of Salmon.
Vegetable wrapped together with Salmon no doubt is a creative way to present the food in healthy way.
Portion is way too big for her to finish it, especially after salad and soup so it best to share if you are not big eater.

Ice Cream is buffet style with various flavor but the ice cream is just normal and one or two scoop is just too much for us as we are too filling by now.
Ice Cream

Mizi Bistro maintain their quality in serving quality food, a place I will recommend if you ask for western food.

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5 Star Rating

Mizi Bistro
102-D-6, New World Park, Jalan Burma, 10050 Penang
N 5 25.254 E100 19.603
Lunch and Dinner

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Kuchi Japanese Restaurant

*This restaurant is listed in Top Japanese Restaurant in Penang

We are glad to be invited by Alex, Kuchi Japanese Restaurant owner to review their food, as well we like to thanks Willy from 寂寞教室 to coordinate for this invited review. Alex grown up from a fisherman world where he own a boat that catch fresh seafood and serve in restaurant. Unfortunately during our visit their signature dish octopus and crap sashimi was not available, octopus and crap sashimi was not available in any other restaurant in Penang as I know and Kuchi Japanese restaurant is the first to serve it.

Special Maki RM11 (Sushi), portion are totally share-able and the sushi is has the right pressure to keep it firm.

Kaki Guratan RM18, fresh oyster import from Thailand baked with butter. The oysters had a texture of soft and melting in mouth with the flavorful butter taste, you know it good when everything just melts in your mouth, butter flavor goes down so smoothly and blends so well.

Goya and Kimuchi RM20, it taste almost the same as Gekikara Ramen which gave a spicy and sweet soup taste. We value the noodle use which taste much more better than normal ramen, it call Inaniwa Udon. According to the chef, the broth cook with vegetable, fruit and chicken bone, that is how the sweetness extract and make it so tasty.

Somen Chanpuru RM13

Name Ika Teriyaki RM25, it is one of the most challenge dish to prepare as slightly overcook will make it very chewy but Name Ika Teriyaki in Kuchi Restaurant was grilled enough to seal the juicy freshness, top with sweet sauce and side serve with mayonnaise.

Ginmutsu Teppan Yaki RM26 , Cod fish deep fried served with Kimchi in hotplate, kimchi and code fish sauce is both very strong flavor and it doesn’t match to each other but with a bowl of rice, taking some kimchi first follow by cod fish will be a good combination. Kimchi is home made by Kuchi Restaurant and is so delicious, it not too spicy and I like the most is the crunchiness of napa cabbage.

Saikoro Steak RM24, beef cube cook in hot plate garnish with deep fried slice garlic. A dish that must be consume immediately after served else the hot plate will overcook beef.

Tatami seat available for Japanese feeling.

Various type of sake available for selection.

We really enjoy dining here and food is good, we will definitely come back to try the Octopus Sashimi.

102-A-5, New World Park, Burmah Road,10500 Penang
N5 25.212 E100 19.638

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