Miss QQ First Cooking Experience Dr.Oetker Nona Mug Cake

Fast, convenient and easy … the Dr. Oetker Nona Mug Cake is truly an “instant” cake that’s so simple to prepare that even our little Ms. QQ can do it! We were so excited to share in her first ever cake-making experience! It took her just 3 minutes to make it, but she spent 10 minutes to savour the dessert – looks like she really liked it!

To make your own mug cake, just follow these simple steps:

1. Get the mug cake mix, 40ml milk or water and a 250ml capacity mug ready.

2. Pour the mug cake mix into the water/milk and stir well.

3. Microwave for 50sec.

4. Remove and let it rest for 1 minute.

Voila, it’s ready to eat! Sounds simple, right?

The fresh-from-the-(microwave) oven chocolaty goodness sitting right in front of us was just too tempting. Without our little girl noticing, we managed to steal a few bites. It’s really delicious – a good balance of sweetness and rich chocolaty fragrance, with a moist center that’s just right! Try it and see for yourself!

The Dr. Oetker Nona Mug Cake is available in a variety of flavours, such as Chocolate Banana, Mocha and Chocolate. It can be found in hypermarkets, supermarkets and leading retail outlets at just RM1.80 per packet.

Masakan Kampung Ramadhan Dinner Buffet at Eastin Hotel Penang

Feel like just few months ago we went to Ramadhan buffet and so fast 2017 Ramadhan buffet is coming again. Starting from 28 May till 24 Jun 2017, Eastin Hotel has a very attractive dinner buffet to showcase Malay traditional cuisine and some signature dishes such as Gearbox soup, BBQ whole lamb, Laksa, Pulut & Lemang…etc that just so much awesome food.

Good News!
1. Ramadhan Voucher available for just RM95nett valid from 28 May to 24 June 2017.
2. Social Media Promotion RM100nett, guest has to print from Eastin Official FB Page.
3. Credit Card Promotion, check with Hotel.
Non Promotional rate RM120nett.

We are really impress with the variety of “salad” which has local Malay cuisine influence such as Kerabu Ikan Masin (Salted Fish), Kerabu Mussels, Kerabu Petai…etc. Sourish and Saltiness is all about “salad” and it really help to boost our appetizer.

Beef & Chicken Satay, personally we found the satay to be a little bit too chewy.


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U.S. Fries Fiesta Penang 2017

U.S. Fries Fiesta Penang 2017
With over 40 special created dish to be presented across 20 restaurant and hotel on the month of May 2017, it going to be an excited month for potato lover.

U.S. Fries Fiesta Penang 2017 officially launch by U.S. Embassy personnel headed by Ms Joani Dong, US Regional Agricultural Attaché for Malaysia, Singapore and Papua New Guinea on 26 April 2017 at TOP Komtar.

Month long event will be held on May 2017 with 20 Hotel and Restaurant using US imported Fries to create various delicious dishes. All this special dishes will be available at below restaurant.

1. Kaffa Espresso Bar
2. Pony Tale de cafe
3. 17 Kelawei
4. The LightBulb
5. Cititel Penang
6. Hotel Royal Penang
7. Lexis Suites Penang
8. Escobar Wine & Deli
9. Richdad Coffee the Top Komtar
10. Roxbury Pub & Bistro
11. Olive Pizza & Pasta
12. 45 Degree Fahrenheit
13. D’ Fat Mona Lisa Cafe
14. Coco Cabana Bar & Bistro
15. What the Duck Restaurant
16. Artichoke Café
17. St Giles Wembley
18. The Northam All Suites Hotel, Penang
19. UMI – Traditional Malay Cuisine
20. Perut Rumah Nyonya Cuisine

Red Courtyard Hunan Cuisine Restaurant at King Street Penang

Red Courtyard is one of the only one authentic Hunan cuisine restaurant located in Penang. Offering authentic Hunan cuisine from chef that originating from Hunan with wealth experience in food and beverage. A lot people confuse Hunan with Sichuan as both do use great amount of chili to showcase their dishes but the main different is Hunan use non process ingredients compare to preserved ingredients use by Sichuan and after tasting Hunan dishes we found no numb feeling, that make Hunan & Sichuan different.

Seaweed RM1

Sour Plum Drink, remember to try this special cook drink as it go through long hour of cooking with many different herb. It taste sweet and sourish with mild herb fragrance.

Special Chili sauce can be added to increase some spicy taste or as dipping sauce. By the way, in order to allow everybody has the chance to try their special made chili sauce, there is 3 different type of chili sauce available for purchase and each bottle cost only RM10 – RM13.

Beef Hotpot RM88, served with Premium Sirloin, Beef Tenderloin, Beef Ball, Emperor Vegetable, Baby Cabbage, White Cabbage, Bean Sprout, Shitake Mushroom & Flat Mushroom. Beef soup are the key element of this dish as a delicious soup make the whole thing perfect. Every scoop are full of surprise as there is so many different beef ingredients in the hotpot.

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Penang Best Fine Dining Restaurant Farquhar Mansion

Farquhar Mansion no doubt one of the best fine dining restaurant located in Penang Island, offering top notch food quality and service. We were greeted at the door and escorted to our table by very nice wait staff. Sometime dining at fine dining restaurant tend to be very serious but i felt comfortable with waitress that serving us like a friends but in a professional way.

Start our first course with “Amuse Bouchee” which consist of 3 different items Potato with cream and black olive, Cod Ball with Bernaise and Potato Noodle and Salmon Skin with Ebiko and Micro Greens, bottom soil are made from crumbled charcoal with ginger.

Ciabatta and Whole Grain Bread with Homemade Butter, Classical Salted Butter, Sun Dried Tomato Butter and Herbs Butter. Even complimentary bread and butter are specially crafted by chef to provide the best, Sun Dried Tomato Butter and Herbs Butter taste are rich in flavor.

Hokkaido Scallop served with Ikura and Ebiko drizzle with truffle oil. We do expect to see a big round scallop served but chef creativity surprise us with thin slice of Hokkaido Scallop, it is perfectly platted with Ikura, Ebiko and Dehydrated Salmon Skin with Edible Gold Flake.

Foie Gras, Apple Chutney, Grape and Orange Sauce. The Foie Gras are perfectly grill to crispy skin with soft and creamy texture inside, it has very strong flavor. Acidity and sweet taste from apple chutney and orange sauce balanced the strong taste of Foie Gras.

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