Eastin Hotel Penang Christmas Buffet 2017

Christmas is coming and we are excited to share the great deal that coming from various hotel again. Today we going to share Eastin Hotel Christmas Buffet deal, for just RM128nett you got to enjoy the awesomeness of Turkey and Christmas cookie with other delicious food as well.

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Buffet Dinner December 24 & 25, 2017
7pm till 10.30pm
RM128 nett for Adult (senior citizen at RM90 nett).
RM64 nett for Children

Christmas Day buffet high-tea
12noon till 3pm
RM88 nett for Adult (senior citizen at RM60 nett)
RM44 nett for Children

More awesomeness if you join Christmas Eve buffet where live performance by Batak Band from Indonesia, if you join Christmas Day Hi Tea buffet there will be a clown to entertain your children with his magic and balloon trick.

Here are list of hot dishes that so delicious, highlight are Salmon Fish Head Curry, Fragrant Prawn with Nutmeg Mayo Sauce, Chicken Gordon Bleu, Homemade Chicken Roulade and many more. Spaghetti Aglio-Olio are pretty good as well, especially with a hint of spiciness that make it different from ordinary Spaghetti.

Lamb cooking with sweet sauce is something special, tender and soft lamb which are perfectly cook. Dipping with the sweet sauce is surprisingly delicious.
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Shopping for Christmas Gift

Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell! It is time of year where joy and fun come together but it also one of my headache time of the year to decide where and what gift should I be given away. It always easy to get something for someone close to you since you get to know their life and need but when it comes to someone that not so close then I need to spend more time for research.

I use to spend few hour window shopping but end up get nothing, but since we are in Tech era Google has since become my PA, anything that I need I will go to google. After some searching I found this website productnation and the idea from Christmas gift ideas in Malaysia show me a list of great Christmas gift idea. Lazy people like me always enjoy something that other shortlisted, they list a bunch of cool and unique gift that I can gift away. Best thing is they provide a “buy now” link that save me time, I can just follow the link and make purchase online. Well, since it still early December I am pretty sure my parcel will be reaching my door step on time for Christmas party gift exchange. Just to highlight that since ProductNation is a Malaysia focus site so whatever they share are available here, unlike some of the site that show a bunch of idea but in real life you can’t get it locally.

With just an hour spend on browsing the website I am getting a good idea of what gift i am going after. By the way, while browsing for gift i saw Christmas Recipes that I can prepare for my guest as well. Although turkey will be idea for idea but it definitely over my budget so i decided to oven cook whole chicken, the step by step look simple and I am pretty sure i can nail it. Hopefully it will impress my guests.

Alright, i have my gift and dinner ready. It going to be a fun night cheering out with friends and family. Merry Christmas everyone!

Online Shopping Signature Market Nature & Organic Product

Online shopping has become a norm and my door bell are rang almost everyday by delivery service. We can get pretty much anything in Internet today and we are excited to found out Signature Market offer wide range of organic, healthy & baby product that we looking for. For sure they do carry out product as well, you may want to visit http://www.signaturemarket.co and have a look.

Browsing through the website is pretty simple with proper layout and great range of product offer at affordable price especially their in house product. I always like to include various type of nuts into my morning oat and they have pretty much everything i am looking for. The only problem i have is too much product, my first order cost me RM200. OMG! That is crazy. Anyway, checking out with a few click and waiting for shipment.

Item ship within 2 days time and we are surprise by the big box, when received we thought this is other item we purchase only because the box is BIG. I mean really big for item that we purchase. Well, as you can see from the video MissQQ having some difficult time to open up the big box due to her small little hand. LOL! Anyway, i am impress with the box that use to wrap our product, 4 angle of the box are still in perfect condition, worry free packaging. All our item are in perfect condition! Great!

Anyway, here are some of the Signature product that we highly recommend, it taste extremely good and it is very fresh as well. We enjoy the crispiness of our nuts and the combination of various nuts are well mix to flavor. Some of the product we still got chance to try out since we purchase so much but overall good experience in purchasing through Signature Market. We definitely looking forward for more product shipping to our house.

Iconic Hotel Penang Seafood Buffet

Calling Seafood Lover, your chance to have unlimited supply of seafood is now available at Iconic Hotel Penang. Starting from Oct-13 till Nov-30, Every Friday and Saturday, Seafood theme buffet is available at Iconic Hotel. Good News! Only RM108 per person and add on RM50 for unlimited supply for wine or beer. Good News x2! Credit & Debit card holder for Citibank, Maybank, CIMB Bank are entitle for 25% discount! Amazing Deal!

Supply of seafood is truly amazing, from seafood on ice bed to hot dishes to lok lok to soup to….anything and everything is just about seafood. Well, if you are seafood lover, it will never be enough right? Give it a shot and you will be surprise by how much seafood you can enjoy.

Let get started with some Salad and Fresh Vegetable, it always good to keep your stomach warm up for more food later on. On the salad bar there is various type of fresh vegetable with assorted dressing.

A little bit of cheese?

Let get over to Seafood on ice, signature of the theme buffet impress us with great variety of fresh Flower Crab, Snow Crab, Mussel, Spanner Crab, Lobster and Prawn. Seriously, you can taste up to 3 different type of crab in single buffet is unbelievable. We went on Friday and it pretty much full house but the supply of seafood never stop even on peak time around 8pm. My favorite always goes to snow crab which has the most meat and easy to peel, snow crab leg has a bit of saltiness which I can easily eat many of it. Lobster are pre-cut into half that make it extremely easy to eat, just put your folks into it and there goes big chunks of flesh coming out and into my mouth. Yummy!

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