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Ramadhan 2016 Buffet at Eastern & Oriental Penang

When it come buffet Eastern & Oriental Hotel Sarkies always our first choice, during the Ramadhan Month 2016 buffet (6 June – 5th July 2016) price at RM133 nett for adult and RM60.95 nett for child. The buffet served with signature dishes such as roasted whole lamb, snow crab on ice and many other great dishes. As usual we are surprise by the great variety offer throughout the buffet line and during Ramadhan month they even extend the buffet to have more item such as traditional kuih, somtam, satay, grilled whole lamb, teh Tarik…etc. It is certainly interesting to dine in E&O buffet.

Deep Fried Popiah, Prawn and Yam Paste Wrap.
deep fried poh piah

deep fried fritter deep fried prawn

Countless main dish that include of Chicken, Squid, Fish, Beef, Vegetable…etc that served on hot dish counter.
curry chicken

curry nasi briyani

fried rice

herb chicken beef


steamed fish

curry prawn onion egg

enohotbuf (16)


white sauce brocolli

enohotbuf (37) chili fish

enohotbuf (40)

Start with fresh salad?

Assorted fresh salad condiment that can be add on.
assorted salad

Looking at the wide range of appetizer


Make it local by add in sambal instead of typical dressing, Thousand Island, Mayonnaise is boring. Sambal that is signature sauce that added to local salad which taste extremely spicy but trust me, it is very addictive.

If you are duck lover like I do then you must not miss the Roasted Duck, it is one of the best roasted duck I have among the many Hotel buffet I had, it is even comparable to road side hawker stall. Duck meat is perfectly marinated to flavor and roasted to flavor, meat is juicy and flavorful. If you are not into duck then try the roasted chicken or roasted beef.
roasted duck

roasted chicken

roasted beef

Assorted cracker available as well, use it to dip with curry is always the best.
enohotbuf (42)

If you are not into Ramadhan mood and looking for bread then this station won’t disappointed you with assorted bread.
assorted bread

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Farquhar Mansion Fine Dining

Farquhar Mansion is a well establish fine dining restaurant in Penang, offering great food and environment for a romantic dining experience. We came here for Farquhar Mansion Dinner and Farquhar High Tea before and never disappointed with the food.
farquhar mansion

Pieroth Blue Burg Layer Schlosskapelle is a Germany white wine that taste sweet with a mild spicy taste that is easy to accept by most people due to it smooth texture.
white wine

farquha9 (3)

Complimentary bread with butter, it is not typical butter instead 3 different type of home made butter served that each has it own special taste and texture.
bread with special made butter

Amuse Bouchee served are very special in term of presentation, they make it look like soil at the bottom of Amuse Bouchee it is instead edible soil. Among three item we had are Cod Ball mix with Bearnaise and Potato Noodle on the left. In the middle is Salmon Skin, Ebiko and Micro Greens while on the right is Potato, Cream and Black Olive.
Amuse Bouchee

Mushroom Terroir is all about mushroom where assorted mushroom are use to create varies dishes and incorporate together. Sauteed Portobello Mushroom with caramelize onion, top with asparagus served with dried mushroom and a slice of truffle.

Mushroom Terroir

Mushroom Terroir

Foie Gras Flavor, if this will to served on other restaurant than probably it will be on the main dish menu but at Farquhar they make it as appetizer, a big portion of appetizer, a big piece of Foie Gras. It is perfectly cook to crispy texture while maintain juicy inside, it served with Apple Chutney, Foie Grass Foam, Berries Brioche, Port and Wine Emulsion. It has extremely strong Foie Gras fragrant and taste extremely good.
Foie Gras Flavor

Broccoli Espuna is a refreshing soup that at first taste refreshing and green but a feel scoop later with a oyster inside it make the soup taste thick with oyster freshness taste. Air Dried Leek on top gave a sweet boost to it flavor.
Broccoli Espuna

Premier Australian Lamb Rack RM258, served with Ravioli, Roasted Beef Root, Chutney, Sweet Pea. Chef recommend medium and they did it extremely well, it is perfectly seal and cook to perfection in term of texture and flavor.
Premier Australian Lamb Rack

Premier Australian Lamb Rack

Black Angus Tenderloin RM288 served with Beef Cheek Raviolo, Potato Cream, Onion Jam and Asparagus. I like the thick cut of beef as it best in contain the juiciness while preserved the beef natural sweetness, we had medium and again they did well in cooking the beef. It is so smooth in texture and simple cook it good enough to bring out the best taste of beef.
Black Angus Tenderloin

Cheese Platter served with assorted Cheese, Grape, Apricot and Fig Jam. Taking cheese with grape is always the best option as both create a great combination in term of taste and texture.
Cheese Platter

Mango is the dessert name that make it look like only a piece of Mango but it instead has a great variety of mix dessert in a plate with awesome presentation that make it look so colorful. Included in the dessert plate are Mango Coconut Cheese Cake, Mango Compote, Mango Sorbet and Panna Cotta.

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Farquhar Mansion 
No. 33, Lebuh Farquhar, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.

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Soul Cafe Jalan Kek Chuan

Being a loyal customer to Soul Cafe we always get to try their newly launch menu, they never disappointing us with their creativity and tastiness. Today we going to try a couple new item such as French Kiss drinks, two new appetizer and two new main course. If you want to know how addicted we are to their food, you may read it here, here, here and here.
Soul Cafe

Carrot Juice RM10
Carrot Juice

French Kiss RM12, A special mocktail blended with ceylon black tea, french rose, sour plum and honey. This is a rather special drink that taste extremely smooth and flavorful, a little bit of sourness from plum with sweetness from honey create a balanced yet unique taste.
French Kiss

Cafe Latte RM8
Cafe Latte

Mushroom Soup RM16, fresh portobello, butoon and shimeji mushroom, slow cook in vegetable stock, final touch with cream and served with toasted baguette on the side. Generous portion of mushroom soup, creamy texture with strong mushroom fragrance.
Mushroom Soup

Chorizo e Vongole Stufato RM35, 1/2kg local fresh clams and chorizo sausage tossed in homemade tomato sauce and white wine, drop of chorizo oil, topped with rockets and served with toasted baguette on the side. Yummy to the max, no doubt clams is extremely fresh as they get it from local market daily, sauce taste extremely flavorful and we wish to ask for a bowl of rice to eat this together.
Chorizo e Vongole Stufato

Fungo Marinato RM15, Mixed fresh mushroom sauteed with herbs and white wine, topped with poached egg, micro greens, extra virgin olive oil and served with toasted baguette on the side. Assorted mushroom are nicely sauteed to flavor, tossing together with poached egg make it taste awesome.
Fungo Marinato

Spaghetti con pencetta RM23, Spaghetti tossed in olive oil, garlic, onion, black pepper, black olive, cherry tomato, mushroom, smoked bacon, chorizo oil, italian parsley, drizzle of extra virgin oil and topped with Grana Padano Cheese. Spaghetti cook to el-dente texture and with so many ingredients it create a rich and flavorful taste, smoked bacon play a key role as it gave a salty flavor that enhance the overall flavor.
Spaghetti con pencetta

Coscia di Pollo Burger RM22, Grilled whole chicken leg seasoned with mixed herbs and topped with melt cheddar cheese, fresh tomato slices and rockets, house salad and potato fries on the side. English muffin use to replace typical burger bun which has better texture and the big size chicken leg make it so big and hard to bite, but that is what I like about burger. Burger have to be big enough to create some level of satisfaction. Sauce added in burger are slightly lack of flavor and personally i would suggest to add on some vegetable in it to create crunchy texture.
Coscia di Pollo Burger

Gula Melaka Cheese Cake are nicely decorate with Doraemon. What a lovely art! The cake is very smooth in texture with a hint of gula melaka sweetness.
Gula Melaka Cheese Cake

Creme Brulee, soft and creamy inside cover with sugar crust and served with raspberry jam. Sweet and sour dessert is always the best combination.
Creme Brulee

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12, Jalan Kek Chuan, 10400, Georgetown, Penang.
11 am to 11 pm
Closed on every Sunday.
604- 226 8200

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Up and Above European Cuisine Pulau Tikus

Up and Above European Cuisine Restaurant is a newly open restaurant located at Pulau Tikus, running by a young and talented Chef who has great year of culinary experience in Europe and other country.
Up and Above European Cuisine

Comfortable interior with great ambiance, private room are available private function. 3 Course Meal Set Lunch starting from RM17 only while 5 Course Meal Set Dinner starting from RM78. Pretty reasonable price for the food quality and environment.
Up and Above European Cuisine

Up and Above European Cuisine

Up and Above European Cuisine

Up and Above European Cuisine

Butter and Chef special Truffle Butter.
Butter and Bread

Roasted Tomato Bacon Soup RM16, pure tomato puree with add on bacon which are extremely appetizing.
Roasted Tomato Bacon Soup

Mushroom Soup RM17, thick and creamy mushroom soup with tiny chunks of mushroom.
Mushroom Soup

Prawn & Prosciutto Ham Salad RM33, my favorite rocket leaf served with prosciutto and salted prawn top with pink peppercorn dressing. Well balanced flavor.
Prawn & Prosciutto Ham Salad

Smoked Duck Salad RM25, I am in love with chef presentation on salad, it is a piece of art. Great combination of various fresh vegetable with cheese, orange and red wine. Smoke duck are nicely done to flavor and texture.
Smoked Duck Salad

Braised Pork Cheek with Red Wine RM38, tender pork cheek nicely cook with red wine that fully absorb wine sweetness and it is so tender. Serving with oyster mushroom, onion and asparagus.
Braised Pork Cheek with Red Wine

Lobster Ravioli in Crab Bisque RM65, creamy and rich flavor crab bisque served with lobster ravioli. Although the portion is rather small but the taste worth the value. It is so rich in flavor, full of crab freshness taste and lobster meat are nicely done to texture as well.
Lobster Ravioli in Crab Bisque

Roast New Zealand Lamb Saddle of Loin RM98, juicy lamb meat served with ratatouille, potato and green pea puree. A small cut of lamb with ratatouille create the best combination of flavor.
Roast New Zealand Lamb Saddle of Loin

Braised Australian Beef Brisket RM68, chef surprise us with what we think about beef, completely different from our expectation. The big chunk of beef brisket is nicely marinated and braised to flavor, it is so smooth in texture and full of flavor. The onion chip not only look awesome instead it taste great, a little bit of bitter and sweet taste.
Braised Australian Beef Brisket

Sous Vide Flavourful Herb Chicken RM30, two pieces of chicken thigh grilled to perfection, season with rosemary herbs which are pretty strong in flavor.
Sous Vide Flavourful Herb Chicken

Seared Artisanal Smoked Salmon RM58, such a mystery dish. Served with a glass dome that covering the dish with “smoke”, immediately after open up the dish we smell very strong smoke flavor and witness the awesome Salmon presentation. Served with caramelized apple, zucchini and onion pickle. Bottom are fill with mash potato and dressing with vanilla foam.
Seared Artisanal Smoked Salmon

Tarte Tatin RM18, apple tart with rich cinnamon flavor served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Tarte Tatin

Crème Brulee RM12, served in pair which are vanilla and orange flavor. Thin crust on Crème Brulee gave it a bite texture yet there is smooth creamy texture follow up.
Crème Brulee

Raspberry Mousse Cake with Fruit RM28, raspberry sauce with sweet mousse cake will never go wrong, it is very soft and smooth, not too sweet as well. The caramelized walnut surprise us, never know that walnut can be so tasty.
Raspberry Mousse Cake with Fruit

Extensive range of Red/White wine available for selection as well, definitely a good idea to pair with the great food.
Red Wine

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Up and Above European Cuisine
37-D Jalan Cantonment, Pulau Tikus Penang
TEL: 012-4079168
Opening hours: 12pm-10pm DAILY

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Real Food Organic Food Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Restaurant is strategically located at the center of Strait Quay, coming in from the main entrance you can see the restaurant on your right side. Real Food Restaurant operate by local people who has strong passion on organic food, almost everything served here are organic and the best part are they do really visit those organic farmer to ensure their source are really organic. Instead of import ingredients from other country most of the ingredients are source locally within Penang itself. Farmer ship their fresh organic vegetable to restaurant daily to ensure freshness.
Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

You can get organic ingredients such as mushroom, bean, rice, sauce…etc in Real Food Restaurant. They do produce detergent from their food waste and sell it to public as well, extremely good for the environment.
Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Eco Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent.
Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Nutmeg Jam
Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Grow your own mushroom.
Real Food Organic Restaurant Strait Quay

Apple Beetroot Spinach RM17, a mixture of apple, beetroot and spinach extract by slow juicers which retain the most nutrients and enzymes as it not expose to heat that speed up oxidation.
Apple Beetroot Spinach

Dehydrated Fruit Chips RM26.50/80gms, a special dehydrated machine was use to create this special dry fruits. Most of the market dry fruits are coated with a layer of sugar or salt but here they make it in house without any additional flavor or preservative so it taste completely different, we can taste the original flavor and sweetness on each type of fruits served.
Dehydrated Fruit Chips

Sonnentor Stress Free RM12, is a type of organic tea that has lavender and chrysanthemum in it. It has mild taste with smooth texture, very light drinks that goes well with any type of foods.
Sonnentor Stress Free

Balsamic Beancurd RM15, deep fried mix together with cucumber, cherry tomato and onion season with balsamic vinegar that make it one of the most refreshing dish. Balsamic vinegar are healthy and flavorful which are one of the best dressing.
Balsamic Beancurd

Steamed Dumplings RM19/8pcs, freshly prepare dumpling nicely wrap with assorted fresh vegetable that gave crunchy and flavorful taste, dipping with vinegar making it taste even better.
Steamed Dumpings

readfood3 (47)

Zesty Quinoa Salad RM30, this is the first time we try Quinoa and we all agree that the texture is very special, it has a little bit chewy texture but yet it can be easily bite off and every spoonful of it came with rich amount of protein and dietary fiber which are extremely good for health. Other than Quinoa, avocado and cheery tomato are added as well.
Zesty Quinoa Salad

Zesty Quinoa Salad

Organic Pizza RM29, please be patient and wait for your pizza to get ready as they will prepare it from scratch that required at least 15minutes. We choose to have Tomato Sauce as based and topping are fill with various fresh vegetable and mushroom. Did i mention organic cheese? Yes, they use organic cheese instead of typical cheese that you can get at market, pizza crust are nicely done to crispy texture while the mix and match of assorted vegetable and mushroom are surprisingly balanced in flavor. Well Done!
Organic Pizza

Organic Pizza

Portobello with Lemon Garlic Sauce RM28, deep fried Portobello mushroom served with tomato, onion, carrot and long bean. Lemon sauce are added to create an acidity taste to the crispy yet juicy Portobello mushroom.
Portobello with Lemon Garlic Sauce

Portobello with Lemon Garlic Sauce

Pesto Sandwich RM27, I would call this Green Sandwich. Toasted hot bun fill with Pesto sauce and slices of Japanese cucumber that is rich in flavor and crunchy in texture, served together with sweet potato that taste like eating honey.
Pesto Sandwich

Pesto Sandwich

Original Banana Pancakes RM20, since the dessert are made from scratch which mean we need to be patience and wait for it but it doesn’t took long as we are really enjoy sitting at the comfortable seat and chit chat non stop. OMG why the pancake look so different, why it so thick? Well, this is one of their signature dessert and the thickness is what make it special and delicious, it is extremely fluffy and well balanced in flavor.
Original Banana Pancakes

Healthy by Chocolate RM14, nicely presented cake that has extremely strong pure chocolate fragrance, it taste just nice which are not too sweet instead it has a little bit of bitter taste that make it taste good.
Vegan Ice Cream

Vegan Ice Cream RM13.80/Scoop, RM26.80/double Scoops, have you heard of ice cream without egg or milk? No? Then you have to try the Vegan Ice Cream in Real Food, their ice cream are made from coconut oil, brown rice milk, sugar cane…etc. It make the Chocolate ice cream came with a hint of coconut fragrance, very special taste.
Healthy by Chocolate

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Real Food
A-G-13D Block A, Ground floor Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang 10470 Tanjong Tokong, Penang.
04-890 8295
10AM – 10PM
Operation Hour:

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