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Seafood Buffet at DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang definitely one of the best Hotel for photo taking, great lobby, big swimming pool, playground and every corner are fill with awesome decoration.

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang offer Seafood buffet on every Saturday for March and April. 6 signature dishes that represent Chinese, Malay and Indian will be served on action counter.

This 6 dishes will be highlight for Seafood Buffet but for sure there will be whole lot of other dishes as well.

Seafood Buffet MYR148.00 nett per person

Children aged 12 and below eat complimentary with one paying adult
Additional children entitle for 50% discount
Senior citizen above 60 entitle for 50% discount

Asian Seabass Tikka, marinated Asian Seabass with aromatic spices, served with mint chutney.

Kanava Madras, stuffed squid with minced seafood and Indian spices, served with tomato chutney.

Stir Fried Mussel with Mongolian Sauce, fragrance wok fries green lip mussel with chef’s special Mongolian sauce.

Black Pepper Sauce Crab, flame wok crab with chef’s homemade sauce.

Ikan Bakar Air Assam / Cili Kicap, Banana leaf wrap marinated asian seabass served with authentic tamarind sauce and soy chili.

Udang Bakar with Percik Sauce, hot seared prawns with homemade Percik sauce.

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang
Address: 56, Jalan Low Yat, Puncak Ria, 11100 Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang
Phone: 04-892 8000

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Penang Sea View Food Court Fisherman’s Wharf Penang 槟城渔人码头​

Fisherman’s Wharf Penang 槟城渔人码头​

Wonderful food court offering wide variety of food option.
Chinese Food, Western Food, Japanese Food, Korean Food, anything that you can think of is available here.
Ample of parking space available and awesome sea view from the food court. Live band performance on weekend as well.
Over 40 hawker stall offer wide range of food selection. On top of that there is a buffet seafood offering at dinner time.

This is the long list item of what we ate, pretty long list ya..haha!
1. Fried Dumplings 煎饺
2. Braised Ribs Pork Noodle红烧排骨面
3. Hokkien Mee 福建虾面
4. Fish Head Noodle 鱼头米粉
5. Laksa 叻沙
6. Vinegar Pork Knuckle Soup 猪脚醋
7. Duck Drumstick Mee Suan 鸭脚面线
8.Fried Mee Suan 炒面线
9. Friend Oyster Mee 蚝面
10. Prawn, Squid, Crab Meat, Scallop, Mantis Prawn Char Koay Kat
11. Pasembur
12. Original Koay Teow Soup 粿条汤
13. Homemade Roasted Pork 烧肉
14. Smoke Duck 烟熏鸭
15. Yaki Udon 炒乌冬面
16. Butter Salmon Rice 牛油三文鱼饭
17. Kimchi Stew With Pork 泡菜香喷喷猪肉汤饭
18. Pandan Coconut Milk Jelly 班兰云石燕菜
19. Raspberry Jelly
20. Hokkien Char 红烧猪肉福建炒
21. Char Hor Fan with Pork 炒河粉
22. Mee Sua Koh 面线糊
23. Fresh Food 新鲜水果
24. Ice Kacang
25. Cendol
26. Popiah
27. Chicken Chop

Fisherman Wharf Penang Food Court
Jalan Perusahaan Jelutong, Fortune Park, 11600 George Town, Pulau Pinang营业时间:11AM – 2AM
012-404 0265

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Golden Sand Resort Penang Buffet Dinner

Golden Sand Resort Penang offering Around The World Theme Dinner Buffet starting from now. RM98nett for adult and Kids eat for Free. We visited on Thursday and the food offering are Asian, Western, Italian and Middle-Eastern, the highlight of the buffet still Seafood On Ice which has whole lot of fresh seafood variety.

Various buffet offer on different day and here is the quick summary of each.

International Buffet Dinner
Every Monday and Tuesday, 6pm – 10pm
RM88 nett per adult

Oodles of Noodles Buffet Dinner
Every Wednesday, 6pm-10pm
RM88 nett per adult

Around The World Buffet Dinner
Every Thursday, 6pm-10pm
RM98 nett per adult

From The Ocean Buffet Dinner
Every Saturday, 6pm-10pm
RM128 nett per adult

Splash Sunday
Every Sunday, 12pm-3pm
RM69 nett per adult (Food only)
RM89 nett (Food and use of swimming pool)
40% discount for senior citizens
Top up RM20 nett for entrance to Adventure Zone

Salad and Cheese counter, on top of typical fresh vegetable with various dressing, included more than 10 different type of chef special crafted salad with different ingredients to satisfied your taste bud.

Coffee and Tea Bag are provided as well, double shot of espresso with a big scoop of ice cream is our favorite.

Kids Corner fill with kids friendly food such as sausage, fried, chicken finger, spaghetti, jelly, cake and fresh fruits. On top of that kids dining utensils are available as well. Continue reading Golden Sand Resort Penang Buffet Dinner

Gurney Paragon Food Court Just Food

Gurney Paragon extend their food court to even bigger and more vendor, with that said, more food variety are now available at one of the best food court in Penang mall. Great variety of hawker food can be found here such as Laksa, Lobak, Chicken Rice…etc, other than that Korean Food, Japanese Food, Mediterranean Food, Chinese Food, Thai Food…etc all available here.
Gurney Paragon Food Court

Gurney Paragon Food Court

Gurney Paragon Food Court

Gurney Paragon Food Court

Appetizer such as Cup type Jiu Hu Char that has crispy cup that hold stir fried vegetable with dried squid, the cup itself is edible and it taste real good.
Cup Jiu Hu Char

Another appetizer is Popiah, deep fried to crispy skin and dipping with chili sauce is the best.

Roasted pork that is juicy with crispy skin, it has the right level of saltiness and best to eat together with Char Koay Teow.
Roasted Pork

Yummy Yummy Char Koay Teow, Penang signature hawker food that should not miss. Normally food court Char Koay Teow taste just normal but the one found here are pretty good, i won’t say the best but it is a decent one.
Char Koay Teow

If Char Koay Teow is not enough then get a bowl of Laksa, sour and spicy soup noodle is a must to try in Penang. It is very appetizing and delicious. Continue reading Gurney Paragon Food Court Just Food

Tori Tori Yakitori at Gurney Plaza

We all love Yakitori but why? Well, Yakitori is a simple yet delicious dish especially the sweet sauce that make the ingredients taste sweet and flavorful. It is also very convenient where you can eat almost anywhere, anytime. Tori Tori located at basement of Gurney Plaza, offering wide range of Yakitori ranging from Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Vegetable, Mushroom, Salmon…etc. A stick of Yakitori starting from RM2.50 to RM7 only or set meal starting from just RM11.90.
Tori Tori Gurney

Tori Tori Gurney

Tori Tori Gurney

Good News! On 26th December 2015 Saturday 1PM onward you can get a complete meal for just RM1. Yes RM1 ONLY!
This is really awesome, for just RM1 you get either Set A – Chicken Thigh + Chicken Skin + Salmon or Set B – Chicken Thigh + Unagi. Again, just RM1 each. *Limited to 100 sets only, 1 Set per person per order.


Yakitori are grilled on the spot to ensure freshness, they will grilled again once order taken to ensure food served hot. The kitchen is clean and transparent where you can see them prepare your delicious food.
Tori Tori Gurney

If the set meal doesn’t have the combination you want then you may choose to have any 4 sticks with add on RM1.99 for Japanese Rice and free green tea. We have tested so many different ingredients of Yakitori and overall satisfied with the freshness and flavor. We love the sweet sauce that was dip multiple time during barbeque, it make the ingredient to fully absorb the sauce flavor. Chicken Thigh are nicely cook to flavor and maintain the soft and smooth texture, it is extremely flavorful especially with the add on of pepper that add on crunchy texture to it. Japanese rice portion are pretty big as well, one complete bento is good enough to fill a big eater like myself.
Tori Tori Gurney

Set C – Chicken Thigh + Chicken Thigh with Pepper + Sweet Corn + King Oyster Mushroom served with Japanese Rice and Green Tea.
Tori Tori Gurney

Set D – Beef + Beef Sausage + Shitake Mushroom + Chicken Thigh with Pepper served with Japanese Rice and Green Tea.
Tori Tori Gurney

Set E – Lamb + Lamb Sausage + Shitake Mushroom + Chicken Thigh with Pepper served with Japanese Rice and Green Tea.
Tori Tori Gurney

Set F – Unagi + Chicken Thigh with Pepper + Squid + King Oyster Mushroom served with Japanese Rice and Green Tea.
Tori Tori Gurney

Shitake Mushroom RM3, Chicken Thigh RM3.90, Salmon RM4.90, King Oyster Mushroom RM3. Mushroom are surprisingly good, initially we though that mushroom might not be good at absorbing the sweet sauce but we are wrong, they are nicely cook to flavor and it is very juicy as well.
Tori Tori Gurney

Chicken Thigh with Pepper RM4.20
Tori Tori Gurney

Salmon RM4.90,
Tori Tori Gurney

Since there is not much seating area hence take away is the best alternative but don’t worry as they have a proper box with utensil for you to take away. It is so convenient.
Tori Tori Gurney

Tori Tori Gurney

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Tori Tori Authentic Japanese Yakitori
Lot 170-B1-K3, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney 10250 Penang.
10am – 10pm

If you are using Android phone, you may follow our Papago Navigation App Installation Guide for the ultimate food hunting tools.

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