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Tofu Village Hakka Yong Tau Fu at Church Street

Here we are again at Tofu Village, heard that they launch new menu and we are so interested. The new menu introduce new flavor of stew hotpot which are Sweet & Sour Tofu, Black Bean Sauce Yong Tao Fu, Egg Plant with Basil Leaf and Tomyam Vege Soup. Other than that they going to roll out Rice Wine Chicken as well.
Tofu Village Hakka Yong Tao Fu

Tofu Village Hakka Yong Tao Fu

Tofu Village Hakka Yong Tao Fu

黄酒鸡 Rice Wine Chicken, homemade rice wine cook with fresh chicken which taste sweet with a little bit of salty taste. The rice wine are freshly prepare by the owner and it took few months to go through the fermented process, it has high level of sweetness with a little bit of spicy taste.
Rice Wine Chicken

Rice Wine Chicken

招牌焖猪脚 Braised Pork’s Trotter RM12.90, collagen, collagen, collagen. Yummy, I just love the sticky texture of pork trotter especially the fat part which are extremely delicious. It is nicely cook to flavor with smooth texture.
tofuvillage (13)

客家五彩算盘子 Assorted Abacus, it still one of the best I get in town. The fragrance of dry squid, pork lard and dry shrimp is just awesome. Instead of yam only now they introduce Purple Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Blue Flower and Spinach which make the plate more colorful.
Assorted Abacus

Assorted Abacus

香辣焖酿豆腐煲 Spicy Yong Tao Fu
Spicy Yong Tao Fu

黑豆鼓焖锅 Black Bean Sauce Yong Tao Fu RM14, great amount of black bean sauce use to stew with homemade Yong Tao Fu. It has pretty strong flavor that goes extremely well with either Hakkan Noodle or Rice.
Black Bean Sauce Yong Tao Fu

东炎酿豆腐 Tomyam Yong Tau Fu, our all time favorite Tom Yam soup. It taste pretty sour with mild spiciness, huge range of ingredients available and it taste awesome. Personally I like to eat with Rice while my wife prefer to have instant noodle, it really doesn’t matter as the key item still the flavorful soup.
Tomyam Yong Tau Fu

卤肉饭 Minced Pork Rice RM4.20, rice and braised pork minced fragrance covering our nose immediately when it served, it is a simple dish but it take long time to prepare as the braised pork required long hour cooking time to extract the best flavor.
Minced Pork Rice

客家面 Hakka Noodle RM4.20
Hakka Noodle

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88, Lebuh Gereja, 10200 Georgetown Penang
11.30am – 9.30pm
04 2519512

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Queensbay Mall Food Court Queens Hall

Queensbays Mall Food Court “Queens Hall” officially open on 20 April 2015. 17,500sq food court at Center Zone cater for approximately 500 guests, offering Penang local delicacy such as Char Koay Teow, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Rice…etc. A few famous shop such as Sukhothai, Sin Nam Huat, I Love Yoo You Tiao…etc are also established a stall over here.

The new theme featuring character of Penang Georgetown, separated into 8 rooms such as Room of Bricks, Room of Signage, Room of Garden, Room of Medicine Box, Room of Containers, Room of Roof, Room of Windows and Room of Tiles. All this room are piece by piece assemble from the old Penang.
queensbay mall queen hall food court

queensbay mall queen hall food court

queensbay mall queen hall food court

queensbay mall queen hall food court

Western Cuisine
queensbay mall queen hall food court

Chili Pan Mee
queensbay mall queen hall food court

Drinks Counter
queensbay mall queen hall food court

Indian Spice
queensbay mall queen hall food court

Lor Bak
queensbay mall queen hall food court

Yong Tau Foo
queensbay mall queen hall food court

Hot Dog and Burger
queensbay mall queen hall food court

Penang Wok, Roasted Chicken and Duck Rice
queensbay mall queen hall food court

Char Koay Teow, Thai Food and Wanton Mee
queensbay mall queen hall food court

Dessert House
queensbay mall queen hall food court

Puff & Pie
queensbay mall queen hall food court

Fresh Fruit Juice, assorted fresh fruits mix and match. Highly recommended the Dragon Fruits mixed with Apple and Orange, although the price is slightly on the high side but consider the amount of fresh fruit blended it still worth the value.
fresh fruit juice

Sukhothai is one of our favorite restaurant for beef noodle, we start visited their shop since day 1 their established business at Burma Road.
Beef Noodle never disappointed us, it has great beef aroma and the beef meat is to tender and delicious.
sukhothai beef noodle

Char Koay Teow, a big surprise to us. We never expect the Char Koay Teow to be that authentic consider the lack of pork lard, the big portion of Char Koay Teow is so delicious.
char koay teow

Tab Tim Krob, we had 3 big bowl of this dessert as it just too good.
tab tim crob

Tom Yam Noodle, instead of chili red tom yam, we try the clear soup tom yam that has stronger lemon grass flavor and sourish with mild spiciness.
tom yam noodle

Kung Poh Yee Mee from Penang Wok, nicely cook yee mee has the “wok hei”, it taste really good.
claypot yee mee

Assorted Dessert


Chili Pan Mee is one of the best dishes we had, the noodle is perfectly cook to nice texture and the sauce is flavorful, I enjoy the crispy “ikan bilis” and runny egg.
pan mee

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Queens Hall Food Court
Level 3, Queensbay Mall, 100, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
10: 30 am to 10: 30 pm

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Penang Food Pan Mee at I Mum Mum Restaurant

Finally I found a Pan Mee place that I really love, i Mum Mum Pan Mee, 五条路板面專賣店. This is not newly open restaurant instead it has been around for quite some time and most of the Penang Food Blogger has review it before. I am late but never too late to review it and share with our beloved reader, we appreciate if you could share with us your favorite Pan Mee restaurant as well.
Pan Mee

We ordered extra dumpling to go along with our Pan Mee, Prawn Dumpling and Fish Dumpling. I love the Prawn Dumpling so much as they put lot of water chestnuts in it, full of meat stuffing inside the dumpling as well.
Prawn Dumpling

Next is my favorite Fish Dumpling, the dumpling skin is actually fish paste which mean the whole dumpling taste very fresh and like eating a fish ball but dumpling shape.
Fish Dumpling

Soup Pan Mee, Pan Mee is flat noodle that made from flour. Dough is hand-kneaded and torn into small pieces or use machine to flatten it to long shape. As usual we prefer the flat type of Pan Mee which has rather special texture. The Soup Pan Mee come with dried anchovies(dried ikan bilis), manis leave, pork mince and black fungus, the soup full of anchovies sweetness and it just so delicious.
 Soup Pan Mee

 Soup Pan Mee

Dry Pan Mee, similar ingredients as the Soup Pan Mee but the different is dark sauce are use to stir flat noodle. Can really taste the anchovies and crunchy black fungus together with the flat noodle, a squeeze of lime making it taste sour and sautéed which is just awesome.
Pan Mee

I Mum Mum Pan Mee is really one of the best Pan Mee.
I Mum Mum Pan Mee

5 Star Rating

294 PDC Flats, Pengkalan Weld, 10300 Penang
7am – 3pm
Closed Every Alternate Monday
N5 24.403 E100 19.920

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Farmosa Delight Handmade Noodle

In Singapore there is a great place to look for food which is Food Republic where lot of hawkers concentrated together in shopping complex food court offering various type of cuisine.
I try Farmosa Delight Fried Handmade Noodle with Beef SGD6.80 this round as the picture very attracting.

Open kitchen and chef demonstrating the excellent skill of slicing noodle, the skill is to ensure all slice noodle is same size which is not easy to master.

Handmade Noodle with Beef SGD6.80, it look to be very delicious and the portion is very big but sadly the noodle is too thick and lack of flavor, the beef is very tender but the noodle spoil everything.
I can’t even finish as the flavor is too bland, it just lack of something.

Food Republic Singapore

Chin Kee Pan Mee at Wisma Cosway KL

As food hunter we should never miss any opportunity for new food, during lunch time for my training I patrolling around KL Golden Triangle and found this Chin Kee Pan Mee which located inside Wisma Cosway where peoples are waiting during lunch time, was it good? Yes it is, Taste…iest Tips is always follow the crowd then you will never wrong.

A bowl of Dry Pan Mee cost RM5.50, Pan Mee is dough made flat flour noodle which boiled to cook and season with pork minced black sauce, ikan bilis, vegetable and black fungus. Strong taste from the black sauce give rich flavor to overall dish and extra saltiness from deep fried dry ikan bilis while the vegetable and black fungus given extra chewing texture

Egg and Vegetable which cost RM0.80 and RM1.00 cooked in broth, it a good companion for the dry pan mee.

Most important is the Pork Ball which cost RM0.80 each, it pretty expensive but when you saw the 50cent coin size Pork Ball it definitely worth the value, it return higher value after first bite where big chunk of meat with some dry cuttlefish in it making it taste so delicious.

It was one of the best lunch I ate for the 5 days training in KL.

Wisma Cosway, Ground Floor, 88, Jalan Raja Chulan
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lum 50200
N3 09.050 E101 42.720

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